Innovative Imaging
and Sensing Solutions

Farus, LLC is a start-up business that is focused on the development of novel imaging and sensing systems for a wide-variety of settings, from industrial uses to hospitals to austere military environments. The company has considerable expertise with biomedical sensing, ultrasound transducers, medical imaging and monitoring, therapeutic devices, and systems engineering.

Several technologies are currently under development, including an image-guided central line placement system, a real-time intraoral imaging system for dental implant therapies, a fetal heart monitoring device for improved patient comfort, an ultrasound system for nondestructive monitoring of non-planar structures, a quantitative burn wound imaging system, and a sensory feedback system. These projects have primarily been supported through federal SBIR funding, including support from the U.S. Army, Office of Secretary of Defense, National Institutes of Health, National Science Foundation, and Department of Education.

Farus - Making people's lives better through innovative imaging and sensing solutions